What’s This All About?

Welcome to the start of what we’re calling  a “python powered ArtBot” journey.

The idea:

Using the micro:bit microcontroller ( a tiny, easy to use, mini-computer) and the GiggleBot  (a robot that the micro:bit can plug into) the ArtBot team is going to create a tiny army of art-making robots that interact with each other to create unique robot art.

The plan:

Over the next three weeks the ArtBot team will follow this rough schedule:

    • Week 1 (11/26 – 12/02)
      • Figure out how to get the GiggleBot moving and how to attach art making materials.
      • Group schedule: Will meet during lab and for 2 hours over the weekend.
    • Week 2 (12/03 – 12/09)
      • Code 3 ArtBots so that they are making interesting marks using art materials and so that they interact with each other.
      • Group schedule: Will meet during lab and twice during the week for at least 1-2 hours each meeting.
    • Week 3 (12/10 – 12/16) Final presentation
      • Take care of any bugs and problems that arise. Iterate if necessary. Present final project in CODE class. 
      • Group schedule: Will meet during the week for as long as necessary to complete the project for the final presentation.

The Challenges:

During this project the ArtBot team will need to learn how to accomplish the following:

  • How to code using python instead of jython in the GiggleBot editor. We don’t anticipate that this part should be too difficult as jython is nearly identical to python.
  • How to create code that controls physical components like the wheels that turn the motors and additional motors that might be added to the GiggleBot.
  • How to create code that allows the ArtBots to interact with one another.
  • How to select and attach art making materials in a way that creates interesting artistic pieces.

The Team:

  • Arva Syed, Dureti Ahmed, Celeste Moreno, Yamei Liao, Lin Huang
  • Our roles will be the same, but each team member will be responsible for coding and putting together one of the ArtBots.
  • Duties for each team member will include: making blog posts, documenting process, experimenting with the physical components of the ArtBot, creating code for an ArtBot.


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