Group Questions

Our group doesn’t have very many questions at the moment because we haven’t had time to experiment with the coding environment for the gigglebot yet. We anticipate that after experimenting with the gigglebot we will have more specific questions about code.

For now our questions are the following:

  • At a quick glance, it looks like the code is structured a little differently than what we’re used to seeing in JES. All of the code (aside from the global variables and library imports) is happening inside of a “while true” loop.  I wonder if there are other differences to be aware of when we are creating our code. Can we create our own functions like we do in JES or is there no need to in this environment with this version of python?
  • Is it worth learning how to use github for this project? We are looking for a good way to organize and share our code. Are there other options out there aside from github? Or is it best to stick with a shared google drive folder?

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