Final Meet

Today I made the steering wheel which is harder than I thought, the ideal is great. However, the steering wheel i made is a little not that good looking as I want it to be.

But it works pretty well,  below it the video that I use the steering wheel to control the Artbot.

Tried again the rotation

I tried again working on the tilting rotation function, at fist I try to make my code like the picture shows below.

However, Ben pointed out that since I have changed the name of the parameters in the On Radio Received block, so I broke the code.

Then I tried a lot of time to make turning base on tilting degree happen, and the latest code I have is the one below.

I didn’t change the name as something else, instead, I use “name” = “”, and then use logic block again. I think the logic to code like this is working, however, it doesn’t work like the way I want it to.  It only reacts to forward and backward, and it also not reacting quickly enough.

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