progress updates

Today through Ben’s help I figured out that if using the loggic block in the radio receive block, multiple actions can be added into the same code file, then we can use the same micro bit to make multiple directions to the Artbot and make it go as the way that been coded. And All our group applied this to this to their Artbot to combine creative action together.

With the sample code,  I made one of my micro bit like a steering wheel, which can control my Artbot to go forward, backward, and turn right and left. Then use these function, users can make their own art by controlling my Artbot.

However, because this was happened in class, so I didn’t take video about it.

And I also added stop function when the artbot losing control people can simply pressing A and B button to stop it.

Also, shake it will speed up the artbot and only pressing A button the artbot will make the flower shape pattern. 

However, I wasn’t able to make the artbot turning base on the tilting degree of the controlling micro bit. 

For now, figure out how to make the rotation function works is what I am going to do.

Since the Artbot is already able to follow the basic moving direction, so I am think of making a simple steering wheel and glue my controlling micro bit on to it, make it a little more fun.


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