12/02 – progress

Today we met and started making basic geometric shapes and trying to get the hang of make code.  I started trying to make zig zags with my gigglebot because we all are doing different shapes in hopes of when it comes together we can create one piece that is cohesive. We also started working with the remotes and controlling it with a different micro.bit remotely. We need to start thinking about how to make sure the gigglebots don’t run into each other (probably using the sensors). Below is one of the movements I developed trying to get my desired zig zags. At first we were having trouble with creating sharp corners but we figured out that to create sharper corners we had to use ‘spin’ instead of ‘turn’. This code actually created a triangle rather than zig zag lines so I will be tweaking this to make zig zags.

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 2.20.02 PM

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