12/07 – progress (distance sensors)

During lab today we progressed a lot by figuring out the distance sensors. It did take some time to figure it out because there were no instructions or tutorials online. We eventually just worked through it and got it to work. We were also trying to solidify each of our artbots patterns because we still had to finish that up but by the end of lab we were able to get the distance sensors working and finalizing our patterns. 

My final pattern I’m going with is below.  My goal before we meet next is to figure out approximately what angle to place the artbot at so it can draw this pater horizontally rather than diagonal like it is below. I also will try to research more about how to incorporate a second micro.bit and figure out some way to incorporate it that is interacting with users. 

We also figure out the distance sensors and we will be working on the sensitivity of the sensors and how we plan to incorporate them in our drawing. I’m thinking that having the sensors will kind’ve throw our artbots orientation out of wack and cause it to make patterns wherever on paper and theres no for sure way to control that… or maybe there is, we’ll look into it.


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