12/09 progress (implementing radio)

Today we were trying to get the hang of the micro.bit controller we are using as a radio. We at first just tested it doing something simple like “press A and it moves”. After we all got that down we each worked individually on doing something more creative with our gigglebots such as tilting it as a steering wheel, looking into light sensors, and other creative things we could each implement. 

I was looking into using the light sensor (which are already on the gigglebot) and testing out if it works. Below is the code I had to test this out 

It did work but the problem was that I had to keep pressing the button A for it to follow the light, otherwise it just did the pattern. So next I switched the two and put the follow light under the forever loop and the pattern in the If statement to see what that would change. 

So I took the light out of the If statement and into the forever loop and put my pattern in the if statement like this: 

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